• > Bird sounds, description and information related to each bird, interviews of inhabitants.
  • > The research will mostly be produced in audio format.
  • > As an act of pedagogy on local fauna
  • > To promote awareness on the preservation of bird species.
  • > To create a first archive for the future of current sound maps of the city
  • > To motivate the construction of sound imaginaries beyond the visual
Questions of Publishing

Does it have a title?

A collective of biologists, artists and researchers, interested into how bird species are disappearing in the neighbour La candelaria in Bogota has the idea to make a sound archive of the species that are inhabiting the area. As a starting point, they have a general old sound archive from Bogotá made by an ornithologist scientist in early 2000's. Theirs plans so far are to do area recognition and record new material. First to record species that are not part of the archive and additionally to make interviews to the inhabitants who has memories of the missing species.

They got a small grant from the municipality that let them produce a final product in a period of 3 months.

  • > Principally for neighbours' inhabitants: families that lives there and continuously may relate with those bird sounds.

Why the preservation of a specie is connected with the local circumstances?+

How can audio formats be pedagogical?+

What is the content of a map?+

How a website could circulate in a little shop?+

What would be a local map?+

How can this research connect with other initiatives in the neighbourhood?+

What does preservation relate with audio recordings?+